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Monday, May 29, 2017

Experiencing Guitar - a Book by Chip McDonald

Self promotion time (a first...): I've written a book.

 No, it's not a "How To" book, or a "1,001 Ways to Play Fast" book.

 It's mostly about the process of learning and instrument.  The more esoteric, philosophical aspects of it.   I often get questions in the last minute of a guitar lesson that may seem to be a "throwaway" question, but strikes at the heart of a deep point or subject pertaining to learning how to play an instrument.  This book attempts to coalesce some of these questions and answers into written form.

 So while it's not meant to teach you how to play guitar, it could be thought of as a how to learn to play guitar book.  The way people approach learning is as varied as one can imagine, and at the same time there are some elements that are something of a prerequisite I believe that some people miss, or don't see the importance of. 

 In turn it's both a primer and a companion.  Things to know in order to learn how to play an instrument, but at the same time perhaps learn any complex process.

 A massive $2.99 expenditure for hopefully some things that "most" professional musicians learn along the way, or absorb sub-consciously after many years of playing! 


Click here - Experiencing Guitar - Chip McDonald 

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