Guitar Lessons by Chip McDonald - September 2022

Monday, September 19, 2022

Finishing Paint on a Kit Guitar Body

  I sanded off the finish I made.

 I'd previously found Tamiya had a pearl orange lacquer that I liked, but apparently in the past few years they've changed the tint a fair amount.  A waste of time and money.

 So my next adventure is to try another drip, using clear lacquer and a couple of specific mica pearl pigments.  

 This is maybe my favorite style of finish, because each guitar painted this way is as unique as a transparent wood finish.  It almost has a "metallic grain" effect, depending on how you do it.  Each one is unique, and has a bit of natural chaos to it that holds attention IMO.

 But it's super finicky and tricky.  I've done a silver based one before that came out ok - but using Rustoleum silvers.  Which has made be brazen enough to try it again, but with lacquer and the actual pigments I want.

Monday, September 12, 2022

Primer Finished on Guitar Body, Humidity is Something One Should Really Consider

  After days of being at the whimsy of the local humidity, I've finally finished the primer on the kit guitar body.


  It seems this year, what used to be the monsoon season is now dragged out into an all-summer long rainy season.  We're really turning tropical here in North Augusta South Carolina it would seem.

  I don't recall having to go so many days waiting for the humidity to come down in previous builds.  Starting maybe 6-7 years ago, the monsoon rain phenomenon appeared, but in between long dry periods.  Apparently this is no longer the case.  We've gotten a few monsoons, but also day after day of rain.

 Which really makes it nearly impossible to paint a guitar if you're doing it on a Peasant Level as I've had to do.  Another curious aspect of life in the 21st century: "Micro-windows For Optimal Paint Application".  

 It's made me realize that in the future, if I'm refinishing a guitar it's probably going to have to be a stain.


Monday, September 5, 2022

Humidity: Primering and Sanding Latest Guitar Body

 August and September didn't use to be "the raining season".

 North Augusta South Carolina is typically a very humid place; but now that it rains every day the humidity seldom drops below 80-90%+.  So I have to monitor the humidity, wait for it to drop to < 70% relative humidity, tack cloth and spray.  

 This does not bode well.  Ahrgh.