Guitar Lessons by Chip McDonald - Finishing Paint on a Kit Guitar Body

Monday, September 19, 2022

Finishing Paint on a Kit Guitar Body

  I sanded off the finish I made.

 I'd previously found Tamiya had a pearl orange lacquer that I liked, but apparently in the past few years they've changed the tint a fair amount.  A waste of time and money.

 So my next adventure is to try another drip, using clear lacquer and a couple of specific mica pearl pigments.  

 This is maybe my favorite style of finish, because each guitar painted this way is as unique as a transparent wood finish.  It almost has a "metallic grain" effect, depending on how you do it.  Each one is unique, and has a bit of natural chaos to it that holds attention IMO.

 But it's super finicky and tricky.  I've done a silver based one before that came out ok - but using Rustoleum silvers.  Which has made be brazen enough to try it again, but with lacquer and the actual pigments I want.

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