Guitar Lessons by Chip McDonald - Ernie Ball Paradigm Strings - Will They Last?

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Ernie Ball Paradigm Strings - Will They Last?

 I'm trying a second set of the new Ernie Ball Paradigm strings, 9-42/Super Slinky.

Can't wait to hear someone refer to these as "Par-uh-dig-em"

 These are going on my main "at home" guitar, a Floyd bridge equipped Warmoth kit guitar with stainless 6100 frets.

 My first set I put on my main guitar at work/guitar lessons, and the B popped while tuning up.  Not a good sign, but that was about a month ago and I've been impressed by how not "old" they are by this time.

 Usually for me 3 weeks in I've got to change strings.  Intonation has gone beyond spotty (more than +/- 4 cents on the the treble strings), and tonally they're going to be dead and pitch unstable.

 The pitch unstable bit is what I'm hopeful about with these new strings.  It's not so much  that they don't sound dull, but they are still very pitch stable, the note doesn't do something wonky, there is no out of tune vibrato effect.

 They don't feel coated, and perhaps may sound less peaky in the treble than "normal" strings but that's welcome as well.  I'm not sure what they're doing, if it's some sort of bi-layer graphene fermion Kool-Aid coating, or a super-magical ancient Nihongo samurai sword ally, but I'm going to try to quench my need to know and just get on with things.

 My home guitar shares duties with my custom Suhr, so it doesn't get as much physical use as my work guitar, but what I'm interested in seeing is if they can stay on the guitar 60+ days and not get corroded/pitch sketchy.

 So I'll try to remember to revisit my blog 90 days from now -  December 16th-ish?  And try to give an assessment/review then. I'm feeling pretty good about them, but we'll see.

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