Guitar Lessons by Chip McDonald - I'm Using Paradigm Strings (for now...)

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

I'm Using Paradigm Strings (for now...)

  I think I'm settling into Paradigms as my new norm.

 The D'Addario NYXL's seem to last a fair length, may have their own pluses and minuses - but cost more.

 I'm making this post because I still have sets of  "normal" D'Addario XL to use, and put a set back on  my work guitar after the NYXLs gave up. 

 An interesting experience, what used to be the norm I'd forgotten about: I found myself back into the old routine of fiddling with the tuning as the intonation immediately starts drifting a few days later.  A week later I already know "yeah, going to have to retune to play in this register for this song", "yeah, touch up the B and E for this part", etc.. 

 Not to mention the feeling of oxidation I'd learned to discount, and the slight tension difference, the floppy-ness as the strings get "old". 

 So I'm on the Paradigm wagon for now. 

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