Guitar Lessons by Chip McDonald - #1 Guitar Lesson Issue in the Year 2023?

Wednesday, January 18, 2023

#1 Guitar Lesson Issue in the Year 2023?

  Skipping the fun.

 What do I mean by that?

 The fun of playing guitar is.....


 In my opinion, you should be playing along to music 10x or more than doing any kind of exercise.  Not only that, but for the most part, an "exercise" should really be in the context of a song.


 You don't wait until you reach Magical Guitar Wizard level before playing to a recording.  You do it constantly.  It is the best practice in itself, even when you're playing something you *think* is "easy".  Doing repetition never hurts your technique or skill.  If you only know one little part of a song - do it over and over and over, until it's like breathing.   

 You'll get much more benefit for the time put into it than doing 4 different things separately, by themselves, as an exercise.   The more you do something "professionally", the more professional you become.

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