Guitar Lessons by Chip McDonald - Motivation: the most important element in learning guitar

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Motivation: the most important element in learning guitar

Unfortunately,  something I can't "teach".

The biggest obstacle I see students have these days is the lack of pure,  simple motivation.

It's one thing to "want" to play guitar.    It's another to have to play guitar.   Like anything else, iIt comes easiest to those who are most motivated - who want to do it the most.    The problem is that modern life impedes the process of "getting motivated".

There's 1,000's of people that can play guitar fast these days, right?  Plenty that can cop any lick you might hear,  people that can play with their toes, upside down, every Nintendo video game theme song, anything.   You know it, because you can see it on YouTube.

Which is stultifying.  What can you do that hasn't been done before?

You can attempt to be yourself, which is the most difficult thing of all.   It's the only way today: the chance to be unique by default.

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