Guitar Lessons by Chip McDonald - You Are As Fast As You Are Patient.

Thursday, April 18, 2019

You Are As Fast As You Are Patient.

"That's Impossible!!!!"

 I realize that there are a lot of things a budding guitar player sees other people do that seem, effectively, humanly impossible.  In the sense that "most people" do not realize how straightforward it is to develop muscle memory to accomplish a kinesthetically complex task.

 I will explain more later, but first I'd like to present the following video.  One should watch it with the understanding that the complexity of this kid's movements are not that much different than what is required mechanically to play guitar.  He has been able to get to the skill level he's at because he has a very limited set of movements to execute, and in turn has spent a lot of effort working very specifically on the repetition of those movements:

 I think the viewer will agree visually it looks almost fake; he's at the limit of human reflexes, our brain tells us "that's outside 99.9% of our experience".  

 What is actually outside of 99.9% is the number of people with OCD enough to pursue something repetitively with complete precision.  That kid doesn't just want the record for stacking cups, he has a need to be precise. It is the satisfaction of executing a movement with precision that made him end up fast, not trying to be fast.

 The person that is innately careful, but initially slow, will automatically end up being "fast".  I've seen it very often.  That is not to say the person that is overly cautious, or careful to a fault, but the person that is measured and weighted towards a moderate speed  instead of towards their limit.  

 I say this often: being kinesthetically fast is as easy as being patient. 



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